Honouring Healing Cultures Across the Regions

Here, the first breath of inspiration is drawn from the stunning scenery. Paradise itself provides the essential ingredients for
all our treatments, and healing lore as old as the land is imparted into every encounter. Promising an experience that honours
the healing traditions of the region, each Spa Village delivers an individual and authentic encounter combining the
therapeutic properties of natural local ingredients and the healing practices of the area.

Coupling these age-old practices together with modern approaches to health and well-being results in a tailored
one-of-a-kind experience, delivering award-winning results to our guests. Each Spa Village offers
a consistently unique and uplifting opportunity for rejuvenation.

Our Spa Village Destinations

Journey to Tembok Bali


Spa Village Resort
Tembok Bali

Enjoy sun-drenched days in a luxury island resort, cooled by sea breeze and peaceful nights soothed by sounds of the ocean. Regain inner balance with holistic retreats focused on health and happiness through authentic encounters.

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Featured Stories


Spa Village Pangkor Laut

The Spa Village at Pangkor Laut Resort is a unique retreat that extols the healing cultures of the region. Malaysia, with its diverse history of people and cultures, and vast abundance of natural resources, provides the backdrop for health rituals that are amongst the oldest in the world.

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The Floating Spa

Moored on the banks of the fish-tail shaped Monkey Island in Bray, a refuge of Georgian elegance, forest and seclusion in the middle of the River Thames, this luxury spa near London is the first of its kind. Taking inspiration from its riverine surrounds, past inhabitants in the form of royalty, liturgy and literary stars, as well as elegant architecture, it is both a celebration of the power of water and the finest of boating retreats.

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Spa Village Bath

Tapping into the original thermal springs, Spa Village Bath offers a contemporary perspective on the city's thermal water heritage. Coupled with the historic use of aromatherapy in Great Britain, this spa, set beneath a glass atrium within this hotel, gently supports the brand's philosophy of honouring the healing traditions of the region, while sharing the gift of select signature therapies of the original Spa Villages in Malaysia.

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