Spa Village Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Massage Therapy

This classic oil massage works predominantly with the muscles, soft tissues, and joints, utilising long, rhythmic strokes. Please request light, medium or deep pressure.

The powerful effects of aroma on the body and mind, combined with a technique designed to elicit the relaxation response makes this massage an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to reduce stress. To ensure quality and achieve the desired effects, we have produced our own blends of aromatherapy oils, with a choice of Relaxing, Purifying or Uplifting.

An ancient Hawaiian therapeutic technique, passed down through generations by Hawaiian healers, using both gentle and vigorous strokes to ease muscle pain, promote relaxation and result in an overall sense of well-being.

The art of traditional Malay massage is passed on from generation to generation. The technique consists of long kneading strokes that focus on the muscles, and pressure applied to various points on the body. This treatment uses oil made with special local ingredients such as turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, onion and citronella, which invigorate circulation.

This massage combines a historical reference from many cultures, especially Indian, Chinese and European influences, which form the foundation of Balinese traditions. Thus, the ritual offers techniques which vary in tempo of acupressure, rolling motions, long strokes and percussion, which provide an invigorating and energising experience for the body.

An art with an ancient tradition, this method of massage was originally practised only in Thai temples by Buddhist monks versed in the art of healing. This massage is an integral part of the life of the Thai people. It is described as “Yoga Massage” for its stretching and bending movements. This is ideal for anyone who desires increased energy flow and flexibility. A t-shirt and loose cotton pants are provided.

Shiatsu is a Japanese pressure point technique based on the concept of acupuncture. Pressure is applied to various body points along energy pathways enhancing the free flow of Chi (life force energy). A t-shirt and loose cotton pants are provided.

The theory of reflexology lies in the understanding that the feet have reflex points that correspond to the internal organs and limbs to balance all the functions of the body. By stimulating these points, the circulation of the entire body is improved.

Any two fifty minute treatments per person.
*Not recommended for guests that have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant.

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