The sun sets behind Mount Agung, leaving a trail of light on tranquil waters. You have chosen a gentle path, where a wealth of Eastern healing traditions focus on restoring peace to the psyche. A path of harmony, where the beauty of nature combines with ancient mind-body therapy. You emerge rejuvenated and tranquil, your balance restored and perspective refreshed.

The Balinese view of life is that it is not orderly. You never know the outcome, so you should be prepared, live in the moment and move with the changes. This is best represented by the regular drama in Balinese lore, between Rangda, the female leyak (witch) and Barong the male monster protector. The Balinese people view life as a balance of good and evil with both present at all times.

Our modern life is filled with stresses and surprises, both small and grand. These can have a negative impact on our well-being. The Balance path offers activities and treatments aimed at restoring balance to the body-mind. This path is ideal for the person who is seeking luxurious relaxation.

This programme combines spa treatments such as soothing body wraps and massage, yogasana and relaxation techniques with gentle walks in a tranquil environment conducive to inducing peace of mind.

• Time for self
• Timeless relaxation
• Rediscover personal balance
• Detox from stressful behaviour


Massage & Body Treatments
• Penganten Melukat
• Campur-Campur
• Malay Massage
• Foot Massage

Skin, Nail & Hair Care
• Mesipat (Natural Facial)
• Manicure
• Pedicure
• Mekramas( Hair Treatment)

Body Wraps
• Cucumber Aloe Wrap
• Papaya Enzyme Wrap


In the resort
• Balance Yoga
• Meditation
• Stretch
• Balance Beach Walk

Outside of the resort
• Ubud & Pura Gunung Kawi Full Day Tour
• Tegalalang & Kintamani Half Day Tour
• Sunset Cruise in a Traditional Jukong
• Balinese Dance

• Squid Fishing by New Moon.

Further information about activities is available here
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