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In the resort

• Creative Yoga
• Meditation
• Stretch
• Creative Beach Walk
• Daily Art activity

Outside of the resort

Ubud & Pura Gunung Kawi Full Day Tour
The gentle spirituality that weaves through Bali is clearly marked in the plethora of temples. Temples to honour Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, are generally found near schools or places of learning. Pura Gunung Kawi, is one such temple, built around a spring, the public village meeting hall lies outside the holy sanctum. School children play in the gardens. Like many temples, intricate stonework and statues guard the gardens and protect the holy shrine.

Ubud, Bali's cultural centre, sharply contrasts the ancient traditions and architecture of Bali with contemporary global styles. The famous Ubud market is a courtyard surrounded by narrowed cobblestone streets. If you get past the outside throng of pushy vendors you will find a meandering labyrinth of wares. Venture further and find yourself in a sea of trendy bars and stylish shops that fit perfectly in the fashion capitals of the world.

Tegalalang & Kintamani Half Day Tour
'Made to order' is the watchword in Tegalalang, an area that weaves through several rows of shops that sell ironwork, mosaic, Balinese versions of Venetian mirrors, woodcarvings, and a variety of other, largely handmade, arts and crafts. The warehouses of Tegalalang supply the shops in Ubud and under the skilled hands of artisans all things can be made to suit your needs. If the winding roads through the Balinese mountains leave you with a need to stretch your legs, a beautiful view can be seen at Kintamani where the panorama of the still smoking Mount Batur, next to Batur Lake within a huge volcanic crater basin, takes your breath away.

Sunset cruise in a traditional Jukong
A traditional Balinese boat, the Jukong, bobs along the calm waves of the Bali Sea. There is a vibrant energy from this spot where the whole of Mount Agung can be seen. You are taken to the Rumpon, a floating structure of bamboo and dried palm leaves that serves as a shelter for fish. From this shelter, cast your line and embrace the energy and peace of the waves as the sun sets behind the island.

Art Village Tour
Part gallery space, part cooperative. Each village specialises in unique Balinese artisanship by people dedicated to their craft. Immerse yourself in Balinese culture, where art is not just a pastime but a way of life.

Penglipuran - Old Bali Tour
A traditional Balinese village with beautiful architecture and a strong feeling of community. Ancient Balinese stonework is an integral part of the entrance to all their homes. An insight into Old Bali, that shows how the people continue to find a balance between ancient craft and contemporary function.

Balinese Dance
There are dances for the people; there are dances for the gods. More than a display of skill, dances symbolise the ancient battle between the Ranga (evil) and the Barong (good).

The musicians play gamelan music in white gelongs (traditional Balinese headscarves) on bamboo instruments. The dancers themselves wear an elaborate traditional headdress, clothed in a ceremonial cloth of gold with glints of crimson. As they dance, their hands carry flower offerings similar to those that are offered to the Gods all over Bali. A glimpse into the art and mystique of traditional Balinese skills passed on over generations.

Tirtagangga Water Palace Full Day Tour
Once a rest villa for the king, large koi now swim in the waters of the nine fresh water springs that fill the vast ponds that run through the Tirtagangga Water Palace. Life size statues play out the epic legend of the Mahabrata depicting the ancient struggle between good and evil. The ancient pools that were previously used only by royalty are now open to the public as swimming pools with views of lush green paddy fields that stretch to the mountains.

Weaving Half Day Tour
Taught by Devi Ratih to the Balinese, textiles are said to protect the Balinese against evil with their magical powers. The tradition of hand weaving is not merely a creation of art but an act of magic. The Bebali cloth is said to be the holiest and most magical in Balinese culture. The Surya Indigo group weaves Bebali using traditional cagcag instruments.
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