In the act of creation, under a blue sky that meets an unbroken horizon, the urban world fades away. You have chosen to inspire your soul and ignite your imagination. Creativity is deeply ingrained into the lives of those on this 'island of the gods'. Within art there lies an alternative path to healing. Take a breath, savour the moment, and dwell on the cusp of where your dreams meet reality.

Spirituality and art are interwoven within Balinese culture and are so deeply ingrained into the lives that the Balinese had no word for art or artist in the past.

At Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali we offer guidance in woodcarving, basket weaving, performing arts such as drama, music and dance along with other international art forms - a combination of activities and exposure that nurtures creative expression and discovery through the beauty and colours of the Balinese arts.

A schedule of visiting, local and international masters will guide guests through the artistic experience. In addition to daily creativity sessions, this programme also includes spa treatments, guided meditation, yogasana, and other activities to inspire creative rejuvenation.

This opportunity for creative self expression and immersion in Balinese arts should not be missed. Guests are free to delve deeply or lightly as desired.

• Have time to create
• Discover spirit through creative expression


Massage & Body Treatments
• Balinese Massage
• Penganten Melukat

Skin, Nail & Hair Care
• Mesipat (Natural Facial)
• Manicure
• Pedicure
• Mekramas (Hair Treatment)


In the resort
• Creative Yoga
• Meditation
• Stretch
• Creative Beach Walk
• Daily Art Activity

Outside of the resort
• Ubud & Pura Gunung Kawi Full Day Tour
• Tegalalang & Kintamani Half Day Tour
• Sunset Cruise in a Traditional Jukong
• Art Village Tour
• Penglipuran - Old Bali Tour
• Balinese Dance
• Tirtagangga Water Palace Full Day Tour
• Weaving Half Day Tour

Further information about activities is available here
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