Vigour Activities

In the resort

• Vigour Yoga
• Property Interval Circuit
• Water Workout
• Fitness Circuit
• Vigour walk

Outside of the resort

Sunset cruise in a traditional Jukong
A traditional Balinese boat, the Jukong, bobs along the calm waves of the Bali Sea. There is a vibrant energy from this spot where the whole of Mount Agung can be seen. You are taken to the Rumpon, a floating structure of bamboo and dried palm leaves that serves as a shelter for fish. From this shelter, cast your line and embrace the energy and peace of the waves as the sun sets behind the island.

Balinese Dance
There are dances for the people; there are dances for the gods. More than a display of skill, dances symbolise the ancient battle between the Ranga (evil) and the Barong (good). The musicians play gamelan music in white gelongs (traditional Balinese headscarves) on bamboo instruments. The dancers themselves wear an elaborate traditional headdress, clothed in a ceremonial cloth of gold with glints of crimson. As they dance, their hands carry flower offerings similar to those that are offered to the Gods all over Bali. A glimpse into the art and mystique of traditional Balinese skills passed on over generations.

White Water Rafting Full Day Tour
Maneuvering through the rapids of the Telaga Waja River is not for the faint hearted but what is life without a little risk? Set out on a raft, paddle in hand and navigate the clear waters with the help of your expert guide as drops of cold clear spring water fall through towering trees and vine above you. Between the thrill of the speeding rapids, visions of Balinese daily life play before your eyes; an intricate web of lush paddy fields, children bathing in the river with birds sweeping overhead.
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