Dawn breaks and there is nothing but you, a stretch of black sand and the roar of the morning surf. You have chosen a path of vitality, to invigorate both body and mind. Your thoughts are clear. Your senses sharply attuned. Energy flows through your veins as mind and body work in perfect unison.

The dynamic Vigour Dragon guards all and represents another inherent balance of life - that of tranquil peace with the fire of vitality. From the early morning rise for offerings to the last breath of the day, Balinese daily life moves through quiet and vibrancy.

With the Vigour path we offer a combination of activities designed to initiate movement. Combined with a balanced nutritional plan we provide the foundation for you to regain your strength and stamina and renew your energy. For the fit person seeking an active retreat, the Vigour path will introduce you to more physically challenging activities here in Bali.

This programme includes daily personal training, yogasana, beach walks, spa treatments and body wraps. We also encourage activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and other outdoor activities.

• High energy holiday
• Increase stamina
• Physically explore Bali


Massage & Body Treatments
• Penganten Melukat
• Campur-Campur
• Balinese Massage
• Foot Massage

Body Wraps
• Lapis-Lapis (Malay Herbal Wrap)


In the resort
• Vigour Yoga
• Property Interval Circuit
• Water Workout
• Fitness Circuit
• Vigour walk

Outside of the resort
• Sunset Cruise in a Traditional Jukong
• Balinese Dance
• White Water Rafting Full Day Tour
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