Pangkor Laut

Traditional Spa Experience

Choose from six different 3-hour packages, each encapsulating the therapies and treatments of the individual ethnic healing traditions found in the region. This is an excellent introduction to the various therapeutic arts, while each menu is designed to refresh, renew and rejuvenate. A Spa Village gift is presented with each package.
Ayurvedic Day
• Yoga Class
• Ayurvedic Specialist Consultation
• Bath House Experience
• Siro Lepam (Ayurvedic Hair Care)
• Mukha Lepam (Ayurvedic Facial)
• Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage)
Chinese Day
• Chinese Specialist Consultation
• Bath House Experience
• Gu Fang Xun Shen (Ancient Body Smoking) or
   Jin Pao Shou Jiao (Herbal Hand and Foot Soak)
• Tui-na An-mo (Massage) or Chinese Herbal Wrap*
• Mian Bu Hu Liao (Chinese Herbal Facial)
Western Day
• Bath House Experience
• Moor Mud Body Wrap or Aroma Massage or
  Swedish Massage
• Sundari Facial
• Standard Manicure
Malay Day
• Bath House Experience
• Coconut Crème Hair Treatment
• Lapis-Lapis (Malay Herbal Wrap)* or Cucumber Wrap
• Campur-Campur (Signature Body Treatment)
Royal Secrets of Puteri Lindungan Bulan (Ladies)
• Bath House Experience
• Malay Specialist Consultation
• Urutan Gamelan (Malay Traditional Massage)
• Ikal Mayang (Hair Cream Bath)
• Boros (Facial and Body Scrub)
• Bersiram (Fragrant Milk Bath)
• Ukup Wangi (Scented Body Steaming)*
• Ubat Periuk (Herbal Tonic Drink)
Bukit Gantang Warrior Treatment (Gentlemen)
• Bath House Experience
• Malay Specialist Consultation
• Urutan Panglima (Warrior Massage)
• Ikal-ikal (Herbal Hair Root Treatment)
• Boros Akar (Herbal Roots Scrub)
• Mandian Rempah Ratus (Herbal Spices Bath)
• Mandi Wap Minyak Herba (Herbal Oil Steambath)*
• Akar Periok (Herbal Root Tonic Drink)

*Not recommended for guests that have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant


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