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Malay Treatments

Traditional Malay medicine and treatment is a national treasure house of health disciplines that have been handed down from generation to generation. With a history of more than a thousand years, the practice is believed to have its origin in the convergence of Malay, Arab, Indian, and Chinese influence during the days of the Malacca Sultanate.

The Malays believe that the human body is made up of 4 elements, being Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. A proper balance of all 4 elements is required for the total harmony of the mind, body and spirit. Therefore, the treatments offered are designed to seek a balance of all 4 elements for total physical and spiritual well-being.

Malaysia is blessed with one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world, housing an abundance of natural vegetation with healing properties. Malay herbal treatments use a combination of various indigenous herbs and plants, which contain natural vitamins, minerals and curative properties such as Cekur (galangal), Kunyit (turmeric), Sireh (piper betel), and Inai (henna leaves).

At the Spa Village, these long held health and beauty secrets are revived. Treat yourself to the rich traditional formulation of age-old customs, a unique blend of natural ingredients and remedies for total health and beauty in the authentic Malay tradition.

Specialist Recommended Healing Programmes
This stimulating ritual was a popular practice in the Malay court houses among the princesses and court ladies in preparation for the wedding night. The warm oil with the exotic fragrance of a combination of several flower buds and sweet spices is rubbed onto the body. The heat and moist air from the zip-up bag awakens the skin and muscle tone to a firm, radiant and smooth texture. Ukup Wangi leaves a hauntingly fresh sweet aroma, while stimulating your senses.

This treatment has been practised among Malay women from generation to generation for the wellness of the genital organs and the firmness of the vaginal muscles as they age. The curative properties of the natural antiseptics of Daun Sireh (Piper betel) and Black Seed relieve and soothe irritations from fungal infections and heavy discharge as the body is immersed in the specially prepared herbal concoction. It is highly recommended for piles and genital discomfort and also helps to strengthen the uterus after childbirth and menstruation.

The relaxing Malay massage using long rhythmic strokes and thumb rolling techniques soothes every nerve and lulls the soul. Let your spirit float in ecstasy as the aromatic zip-up bag scented with Limau Purut (kaffir lime) and Daun Pandan (pandanus leaves) envelops your body, helping you to relax deeply and discharge pent-up feelings of stress. Refine the skin and stimulate blood circulation with the herbal body scrub before indulging in the freshly brewed herbal bath for total bliss.

This treatment is an indulgence for the senses. First, both the hands and feet are soaked in a warm herbal bath. You can feel a tingling sensation as the herbs work their way to help relieve aches, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and joint conditions. Secondly, a scrub and massage to soothe and pamper your tired limbs follow this soak.

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*Not recommended for guests that have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant.

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